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Bubbleberry Haze Bubble Hash THC =49.73 | CBD = one


Boulder Medical Marijuana Center (BMMC)


Mixed micron level bubble hash made of 100% in-house Bubbleberry Haze (Sativa-dominant hybrid)




This hash is pleasantly waxy, medium brown color that might lighten up to a tan color once broken open or damaged with a nail. it had been thought that this sample was maybe a little bit dry, because it crumbled into a kiefy powder comparatively simply, however the feel was still simple enough to work with that it wasn’t a problem. The powder that it breaks up into is gently sticky and can form of disappear into your fingers if it’s handled too much when being broken up. we couldn’t see any visible particulate, however that was possible because of the structure of the hash, that created inspection somewhat troublesome.


When breaking apart this hash or smelling a reasonably large amount of it, it offers off a rather fragrant, spicy, fruit bouquet that we enjoyed quite bit. only if the sample was fairly dry, we were somewhat stunned at the amount of aroma, and therefore the proven fact that it smelled much just like the parent strain. Not the most pungent sample within the world, however the aroma that was there affected us, particularly the fruitiness.


This was the world within which this sample extremely shined, because it provided a reasonably wonderful floral slightly sour berry flavor that hung within the mouth for minutes once the initial few hits. the flavour did degrade when the initial hits (as hash continually appears to do), however it still had a soft floral berry flavor at the same time as it had been burning sort of a coal and turning to ash. we experienced the simplest flavor via the skillet, however that equipment is a lot of meant for oil and therefore the texture of this sample led us to stay with the glass pipe + screen combo, that conjointly made nice flavor. This hash is expansive and can seemingly induce coughing, thus watch the inhale size if you’re a patient who can’t deal with coughing.


The flavor of this hash are some things that nearly anyone would enjoy, and it shocked our crew at however accurate it had been to the flavour of the parent strain — it had been all berries, flowers, and a small amount of spice, mutually would expect. It wasn’t top-ranking bubble in terms of the method it melted , however it actually did soften and we’d call it “full melt”, although it falls in need of “clear dome”. we appreciated additionally however the consequences appeared to mimic what we’d expect out of the parent strain, with an ascent and mind-opening sort of experience that felt eminently Sativa in scope. we like this hash as a daytime selection for patients who want one thing stronger than flowers however still need to perform and be mentally-aware.

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