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Product Name: Methaqualone, Quaaludes, Lemmon 714
Dosage: Methaqualone 300mg

Quaaludes jar

Generic name: methaqualone

Common brand names: Quaalude, Sopor

Imprints: “Lemmon 714

Shape/Color: Round Milky White Pills

Manufacturers: Lemmon Pharma Inc.

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Quaaludes Jar (Methaqualone) is a mild antidepressant drug that works with barbiturates, a popular anesthetic. Buy quaaludes online Barbiturates such as Methaqualone are hypnotic pills that act as tranquilizers and are widely used as anesthesia before the surgical procedure.
Quaaludes is known as a recreational drug, used in all sexual arousal due to the high sensitivity and diminished reduction associated with relaxation and pleasure. Buy quaaludes online .Methaqualone is an antidepressant and sedative.
The Quaaludes were introduced as a safe alternative to barbiturates, but in time they confirmed that the symptoms of addiction and withdrawal were similar to those of barbiturates.
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uses Quaaludes develops:
• rest
• Sleep
• Feeling happy.
It causes a decrease in blood pressure and reduces the rate of heart rate.
DISEASE CONTACT: You may not be able to use the Quaaludes if you have:
• hypertension
• heart disease
• Vascular disease (hard arteries)
• Excessive thyroid gland
• Glaucoma
• extreme disagreement, disagreement, or disruption.
Drug interactions: Quaaludes can add more and more pills such as:
• Lithium or another remedy to deal with mental or mental melting pollution
• Blood pressure medicine
• A small amount of blood
• Cold or hypersensitivity remedy that includes a decongestant
• Opioid (narcotic) medicine Buy quaaludes online
• An anesthetic.
side effects: Quaaludes has some side effects, namely:
• rapid heartbeat
• anxiety
• Instability
• Shivering
• eye changes
• now I can’t find or save construction
• change the sexual interest
• Fainting
• black urine
• Muscle pain or weak spot
consult your doctor.
QUAALUDES options: Ativan, Alprazolam and Ritalin.

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