Vitamin C 500 mg ONE 5 ml amp ascorbic acid Laroscorbine collagen induction

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VITAMIN C ascorbic acid 500 mg /5ml amp IV or IM
by Rotexmedica Germany

ONE 5 ml amp that contains 500 mg ascorbic acid

– using parenterally (IV), it works as a pro oxidant, meaning that it oxygenates your tissues and blood, it releases h2o2, so it gives you energy, and is used to fight cancer in form of oxidative therapy (cancer cells cannot live in an aerobic environment)

– ascorbic acid was found to be effective in combating male androgen pattern baldness

– strong collagen synthesis stimulant, so your SKIN BECOMES RADIANT AND SMOOTH – Beauty Spa’s are using it in mesotherapy treatments for skin lightening and glowing
– LIGHTENS SKIN TONE like glutathione. Laroscorbine sells quite expensive and it is basically nothing else than Vit C that can be IV dripped, just like this one***