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White Widow strain holds a very balanced 60:40 sativa/indica ratio that leads one to a cognitive driven high with a relaxing undertone. Patients can choose White Widow if they’re seeking a strain that enables them.Called” white” because of its resin gland content in addition as its tendency to not totally color up once able to harvest, White Widow is thought for being very potent. A solid producer of connoisseur-quality nugs, it’s been popular in Amsterdam coffee outlets several|for several} years and has been utilized in many breeding comes to increase the efficiency and vigor of different strains. whereas not an excellent yielder, it stays relatively short and compact, making it an honest selection for home grows. The males are same to be best for breeding as a result of the females don’t seem to be best-known for his or her smell and taste… the male can usually lend the efficiency and trichomes of the strain whereas retaining the flavour terpenes of the chosen mother plant.


Brazilian Sativa combined with a South Indian hybrid


Developed in 1994 by green House Seeds/Coffeeshop in Amsterdam, the White Widow has gone on to win prizes and become one in all the most common and notorious strains within the world. once the split of Shantibaba (and later, Neville Schoenmaker and Howard Marks) from green House Seeds, they formed Mr. Nice Seedbank and create the strain from the first parent genetics, re-naming it “Black Widow”, as they lost the rights to the first name. many of us like the black widow to the current green House version.


A blend of fruit and musky, putrid qualities — it hints at its efficiency with the smell, that has a lot of of a bite to it than several fruity-smelling strains. At times, it’s all lemons and hashiness, depends a bit on the phenotype.


Often times neutral or perhaps hashy because of the high trichome count, the strain generally includes a citrusy, flowery bent, however isn’t best-known for being all that flavourful generally.


Cerebral and uplifting, this strain is powerful and consistent. although it keeps you mentally active and positive, it usually comes with a powerful couchlock tendency, especially later within the period. If harvested late, this strain is especially narcotic for a Sativa and might build a mid-day nap a necessity.

Grow Medium

Indoor is best for this strain and it flowers more quickly than once fully grown outdoors — Shantibaba recommends to stay the wetness level low to stop mildew and to stay the fertilization schedule fairly light in addition to let the flavors come out.

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