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Product Name:……3,4-Methylenedioxymethamphetamine
IUPAC Name:…….(RS)-1-(1,3-benzodioxol-5-yl)-N-methylpropan-2-amine
Other Names:…….Ecstasy, methylenedioxy¬methamphetamine, Molly;
Cas Number:……..42542-10-9
Molecular Formula:……..C11H15NO2
Molar Mass:……..193.25 g·mol−1
Effect:……..stimulant, psychedelic
Purity of the substance:………99.9%
Physical properties:……Crystals, Powder

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mdma powde

$35.00 Sales Tax

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MDMA Powder:

MDMA Powder is a very mighty stimulant with pathogenic and iatrogenic outcomes. MDMA onset is available in half an hour.MDMA length lasts from 4 to 6 hours and permits scientists to reach their experiments.


We deliver MDMA for forensic functions by using authorized researchers.
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Ecstasy for sale is sizeable in the whole world. MDMA is one of the most famous studies chemical compounds of psychoactive MDMA powder


We presently have the exceptional exceptional MDMA for sale, very high purity and we’ve got our own specific stealth packaging that havens been determined, in the interim we’re able to ship to all countries in the international which include america, united kingdom, AU, PL.

purchase MDMA Powder on-line (shrunk from 3,four-polyethylene methamphetamine on the market) is a psychoactive drug of the substituted polyethylene methamphetamine and substituted amphetamine lessons of medicine that are fed on mostly for its euphoric and em pathogenic outcomes. Pharmacologic ally, MDMA on the market acts as a serotonin-nor epinephrine-dopamine freeing agent and re uptake inhibitor.

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buy MDMA Powder on-line has become extensively known as “ecstasy” (shortened to “E”, “X”, or “XTC”), usually regarding its pill shape, although this time period may also include the presence of viable adulterants. the United Kingdom time period “Mandy for sale” and the united states term “Molly on the market” colloquially confer with MDMA in a crystalline powder form this is tremendously free of adulterants.

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“Molly” can once in a while additionally talk to the associated capsules methyl one, MDMA, pheromone, or another of the pharmacological organization of compounds usually called bath salts.[14]
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ownership of MDMA for sale is unlawful in most nations. some limited exceptions exist for medical and clinical studies. In 2013 between nine and 28 million humans used ecstasy recreation ally (zero.2% to zero.6% of the global populace between the a long time of 15 and ).

MDMA Powder users

This become widely much like the variety for cocaine, substituted amphetamines, and opioids, but far fewer than the wide variety of cannabis users. it’s miles taken in a selection of contexts and is commonly related to dance events (or “raves”) and digital dance tune.

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buy MDMA Powder  has emerge as appreciably called “ecstasy” (shortened to “E”, “X”, or “XTC”), typically concerning its tablet shape, even though this time period may consist of the presence of feasible adulterants. the UK term “Mandy for sale” and the us time period “Molly available on the market” colloquially confer with MDMA in a crystalon line powder shape that is incredibly free of adulterants.



purchase MDMA on line may also have fitness blessings in certain intellectual issues, but has ability adverse outcomes, which include neurotoxin and cognitive impairment. more studies is needed so that you can decide if its potential usefulness in post traumatic strain ailment (PTSD) treatment outweighs the danger of continual neurophysiology’s damage to a affected person.

We presently have the wonderful outstanding MDMA on the market, very high purity and we have were given our personal precise stealth packaging that havens been decided, inside the interim we are able to ship to all countries in the global which consist of the usa, united kingdom, AU, PL.

(gotten smaller from 3,four-polyethylene methamphetamine in the marketplace) is a psychoactive drug of the substituted polyethylene methamphetamine and substituted amphetamine lessons of medication which might be fed on mainly for its euphoric and em pathogenic outcomes. Pharmacologic ally, MDMA on the market acts as a serotonin-nor epinephrine-dopamine releasing agent and re uptake inhibitor.

buy MDMA Powder  buy MDMA Powder  has emerge as drastically known as “ecstasy” (shortened to “E”, “X”, or “XTC”), generally concerning its pill shape, although this term may additionally include the presence of possible adulterants. the United Kingdom time period “Mandy for sale” and the united states time period “Molly in the marketplace” colloquially confer with MDMA in a crystalon-line powder form that is fairly freed from adulterants.

it’s far a totally mighty stimulant with pathogenic and iatrogenic effects. buy MDMA Powder on line MDMA onset is to be had in half of an hour.MDMA length lasts from four to six hours and permits scientists to reach their experiments.
We deliver MDMA for forensic functions by way of using legal researchers.
buy MDMA Powder on-line
Ecstasy for sale is substantial in the entire world. MDMA is one of the maximum well-known studies chemical substances of psychoactive interest.


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